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We offer reliable Electrical Products to many customers in India and abroad!

We are Manufacturer, Supplier of Industrial Battery Chargers, Battery Testers, Three Phase Power Controllers, Inverters, UPS, Batteries, Constant Current Source, Servo Voltage Stabilizers, Frequency Converters, Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS), Magnetic Lifters. We also provide Maintenance, Repairing, Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Services for all our these products and our set up is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.


DC Voltage Power Supplies
» Linear & Thyristor Control
» Unregulated Power Supply
» Regulated Power Supply
» Controlled Power Supply
» Uncontrolled Power Supply
» Filtered Power Supply
» Unfiltered Power Supply
» Overload – Short Circuit Protected
» DC Current Sources – For PCB Manufacturing
» Gold – Silver Electroplating
» Multifunction Test Jig For Automotive Lamps
Battery Chargers / Small Size Battery
Chargers / Large Size Battery Chargers
» Fork Lifts
» Generators

» Battery Operated Vehicles
» FCBC Float Boost Battery Charger for Sub Station
» SMPS Battery Charger with Ammeter
Battery Tester

» Battery Tester for 32 to 180AH Battery    Capacity
Three Phase Controllers For Power Control
» Three Phase Controllers for Industrial Heaters
» Electroplating Rectifiers
» Engine Cranking Rectifiers
» Welding Rectifiers etc.
Constant Current Source
» CVCC Current Source for small electroplating Jobs.
» 100 Amp Constant Current For Electroplating
Servo Voltage Stabilizers / Single Phase
Servo Voltage Stabilizers / 
Three Phase
Servo Voltage Stabilizers

Inverters for Domestic use & lifts
» Batteries and related services
» UPS for Computers
Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)

Mag – Demag Controllers / Mag –
Demag Controllers for Electromagnetic
Chucks Controls and for Electro Permanent
Magnet Chucks and 
Magnetic Lifters
» Capacitor Discharge System for Magnets
Cranker Rectifiers for Engine Testing
for Automotive & Genset Industries
» 12-24 V, 350 Amp, Engine Cranking Rectifier
» 24V 2000Amp Engine Cranking Rectifier
Frequency Converters for Various
Power Frequencies
» 15 KVA Frequency Converter 60 Hz 3 Phase

Battery Chargers

(Category – Battery Charger, Battery, UPS, Inverter, Rectifier, DC Power Supply, Gensets, Battery Vehicles, Battery Operated Systems, Industrial Battery Chargers etc.) Input: Single Phase or Three Phase.

DC Power Supplies

DC Power Supplies : (Category – Rectifier, DC Power supply, Electroplating, etc.), Regulated and Controlled, Filtered DC Power Supplies, Un-regulated, Un-Controlled, Un-Filtered DC Power Supplies

Servo Voltage Stabilizers

Servo Voltage Stabilizers : ( Category – Stabilizer, UPS, etc.), Input : Standard range – 360 to 460…….. ( special range – 250 to 460 ), Output : 415 V +/- 1 %, suitable for Unbalance Line and Load variations.

Who can Use … Manufacturers, Users, Service Providers

  • Battery Chargers – For Battery Operated Material Handling –Lifting Equip manufacturer – system manufacturers/suppliers/service providers –Fork Lifts/Stackers, etc & for Floor Cleaning machines & Generator service providers
  • Cranker Rectifiers – For Engine Manufacturers/Test Cell manufacturers/Assemblers/Users/Overhauling centers
  • Power Supplies & Current Sources – For Testing of Battery operated Electrical components in vehicles –Testing of Solenoids, Head Lamps, Horns, Relays, motors, pumps.
  • Servo voltage stabilizers – For CNC mfg industry, SPM industries, Medical industry
  • Battery Charger-Discharger –  For Battery manufacturers – resellers – Charging & Discharging.
  • Inverter, UPS, Servo voltage stabilizers – For Electrical consultants, Architects Interior decorators,
  • Mag Demag units/Capacitor discharge units – For Electromagnetic lifters, EPM lifters, Electromagnetic Chucks, Grinding & Milling machines, Machine shop, Machining centers.
  • Frequency Converter – For 60Hz, 50Hz, 400Hz… Export Oriented Units (EOU)
  • Inverter, UPS, Servo voltage stabilizers, Battery Chargers – For Dairies, food & pharma industries
  • Industrial rectifiers – For Electroplating industries.
  • All products – For Export-Import Trading Organizations & Industries. Imported Equipment / Machines Users/buyers/ resellers, Steel Industry, Furniture manufacturing, Automotive Industry, MNCs, & all types of industries.

About Us

Gayatri Engineers : A Pune based company started in 1998, is headed by Sudhanshu Shrikhande and supported by Mrs. Madhavi Shrikhande.. Started with small Designs in the fields in Power Electronics for reliable products, the organisation has attained a level of confidence to build the Power Products to work with variety of applications

The products are manufactured maintaining good Engineering Desciplines with Simple Assembly Ideas. The products are designed to look good and sturdy to perform the best. Products are documented for repeatability in manufacturing.

Gayatri Engineers

Address : 30, Ground Floor, Electronic Co. Op. Estate,
Pune Satara Road, Pune – 411 009, Maharashtra, India.
Telefax : +91 – 20 – 24220454, Mobile : +91 – 98224 79521

Registered Address : Gala No. 110 & 111, Sr. No. 50 / 40 To 43,
Yashada Industrial Complex, Milkat No. 997, Narhe,
Tal. Haveli, Dist. Pune – 411041, Maharashtra, India.
Email id: sales@gayatriengineers.com