Cranker and Rectifiers

Cranker & Rectifiers Manufacturer

Cranker Rectifiers: Engine Testing Machines & Accessories, Vehicle Testing Machines, Automotive industry, Diesel Generators, Rectifier, DC Power supply, Electroplating, etc. These are Heavy Duty Rectifiers used in Engine Testing applications.

Normally an Engine (Diesel/Petrol) operate on Batteries in the vehicles. However, in Industry the Rectifiers are preferred for the ruggedness, durability, repeated operations, portability, a variety of voltages and currents, indications, measurements, safeties, etc.

Input: 3 Phase, 415 V.
Output: 12 V or 24 V at 300 amps…….2000 Amps.
24 V 1600 Amp Cranker Rectifier for Engine Testing
Applications: Engine Testing/Starting

Cranker Rectifiers

Cranker Rectifiers

Cranker Rectifiers Manufacturers

Cranker Rectifiers Manufacturer

Engine Cranking Rectifiers

12-24 V 350 Amp, Engine Cranking Rectifier

Engine Cranking Rectifier

24 V 2000 Amp Engine Cranking Rectifier